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Ferry crossing & southern bypass to Diani update

For the next five months, Kenya Ferry Services, which operates the ferry crossing across the Likoni Creek, will experience disruptions. The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) is carrying out repairs to the island and mainland ramps at Likoni, which is the reason for this disruption.

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During this period, KPA will also take care of vessel maintenance, as it considers having separate ferries for vehicles and passengers. They are committed to operating safe, reliable, and affordable ferry services. To achieve this, KPA has launched several maintenance initiatives on the entire fleet of seven ferries and the infrastructural facilities as they get ready for the winter tourism season. The work, which commenced on April 21, is aimed at repairing the 70 meters of damaged ramps and will be carried out in two phases.

They will erect barriers to manage traffic and ensure the safety of pedestrians boarding and disembarking the ferries. There will also be closer coordination between law enforcement agencies to re-route and manage the flow of traffic.
The good news is that the contractor will also continue to work at night and during off-peak hours to help complete the upgrades within a timely manner. Since the work started, it has been smooth with no delays.

We are also happy to report that the long-awaited southern bypass access is complete and awaiting official opening. It will completely change the journey to and from the south coast, as well as Tsavo and Amboseli for safaris.

Below is the Mteza bridge connecting the airport and Mombasa to the southern mainland heading towards Diani. The bridge is 1.45km

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If you wish to have any information clarified, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or your agent at any time. We will provide further updates as and when available.